Happiness is the key to success. Let me show you how to unlock your employee’s full potential in the workplace

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Kylie Bragg

Workplace Happiness Coach & Speaker

I’m a Workplace Happiness Advocate. At least, that’s what I’ve reinvented myself as. Some people are sceptical of what I do because we’ve been taught to look for jobs, not opportunities. But after 20 years in the corporate property industry, I saw a need to put workplace happiness on the agenda. Because it wasn’t seen as important. It was too ‘airy-fairy’. I took that as a personal challenge to set this ingrained belief aside and spruik the virtues of workplace happiness and its impact on the bottom line, our lives, and our legacy, in any way I can. So I present, train, talk, and write about the importance of happiness in the workplace to bring it out of the clouds and into reality. Because those that take a proactive approach to employee engagement, employee experience, and wellbeing, will be the ones that attract and retain the best talent, optimise their productivity, and have a heap of fun while doing it.

How Can I Help You?


Workplace Assessments

Passionate, engaged, happy workers are 300% more creative and 31% more productive than their disengaged counterparts. I can help you enable your employees to work at their best!

Speaking Engagements

I’ve had the opportunity of being an international speaker talking in front of thousands. I’d love to share my experience on how important happiness is in the workplace.

Webinars & Podcasts

I’ve created a number of successful webinars and appeared as a guest on multiple podcasts where I share my passion for workplace happiness.

Workplace Assessments

Speaking Engagements

Articles Written

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Why Am I Here?

Kylie Bragg Speaker

1. Increase Employee Engagement Levels

Determine current employee engagement levels to identify barriers to employees performing at their best, and identify what’s working well and build on it further.


2. Optimise Employee Experience

Foster an environment where people want to work. Where they have a purpose, are valued, and are inspired. Their happiness is important, let’s unlock their full potential!


3. Improve Workplace Efficiency to Boost Productivity

Advise on behaviours currently encouraged or impeded by the existing physical workplace, and prescribe optimal workplace configuration and operational requirements to lift productivity.

Sometimes I write About

How I Caught The Speaking Bug

I've just walked off stage from my very first international speaking gig and I'm hooked. Elated. Pumped. Overjoyed. Not to mention exhausted! And it's not just because of feedback like this:EVERYONE needs to listen to @KylieMHunt talk about Survival Tactics for...

What Brought Me Here?

I'm here because of unhappiness. It would start on a Sunday night as I thought about what Monday would bring, and wouldn't relent until I sat at home with the family watching a movie on Friday night. The reason for the unhappiness that permeated my life? My job. In...

Testimonials & Previous Speaking Engagements

"Thanks so much for coming along to (Client's name) and helping us to be a better company. It's not going to be the easiest gig you ever get, but the ripples are already being felt... and what you are doing improves people's lives."

– Adam S

"Completed @KylieMHunt 's Pluralsight course, "Boost Productivity Through Employee Happiness". Excellent material for any workplace influencer"

– @Phil_Wheeler, Twitter

"I had such fun with Kylie; I’m getting her to come down to (Client) for a day – I feel like I’m getting a shrink for (Company)!"

– Adam C

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